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Embodied Love Welcomes You

Nourishing, exploring & loving the WHOLE body.

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Hello and welcome

Thank you for visiting this site, I am so happy you have come past. 

My name is Sarah Ebanks and I am the proud creator of Embodied Love. I am a curious and excited human, grateful wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend, and family member, who is filled with love.  

Embodied love's intention is to encourage a nourishing and loving relationship with our amazing selves, through movement, stillness and rest. To become an embodiment of love for ourselves and life itself, in all the fun and challenging parts. 

I facilitate the practices of Yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, Doterra aromatouch technique and dance - being the Groove method. All supporting and enhancing our wellness, connection to self, and therefore quality of life. 

I welcome you, just as you are. Bring an open mind, playful attitude and join me in my fun, nourishing and explorative offerings. 
Lots of love Sarah ❤

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Event's & Workshop's

Let's have some fun

Your Restful Practice - Workshop EYNESBURY

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Future workshops to come

Exploring and creating your own restful practice

Rest, can be experienced in many different ways, & is a crucial part of our well-being.

In this workshop, we will be exploring restful experiences, for short & long time frames.

Practicing Restorative yoga - the use of support such as bolsters, pillows, & blankets, meditation & guided visualisations.

Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging rest & presence.

Included, is your own bolster, light snacks, recordings to continue with at home, REST & fun.

Take home the incredible gift of nourishing yourself.

Yoga love event - Sunday March 10th Eynesbury

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Nourishing Movement, Yoga, deep rest and stillness. 

Move, nourish, rest & get still in this 2 hour event. 

Using the practice of Yoga we will Move through Asana's (physical postures) & intuitive movement, rest deeply using props during restorative Yoga, & find stillness through guided and silent meditation. 

No props are required everything is supplied, including Yoga mats. 

My intention with each of these event's is that participant's create or enhance their own personal practice at home. Taking with them a full body experience as a reminder of what they can create on their own.   

Listening to the needs of our own body.


Ages 14+


Date: Sunday 9th June
Venue: Embodied Love studio - Eynesbury
Time : 11am - 1pm 

Cost: $35

Discount: Discount for Yoga Love members - Get in touch if you'd like to find out how to become member. Members email to book in.
Bring a water bottle, pillow, blanket, eye covering and layered clothing to cool down and keep warm ❤

Bring a water bottle, eye covering and layered clothing to cool down and keep warm ❤

INWARD - A self love journey of dance, movement & breathwork

inward 19th April 2024.jpg

Future events to come

Join Bec and Sarah on this empowering journey

Take some time to go inward with us.


A loving 2hr journey for the WHOLE body, for women.


Experience fun, simple, nurturing, dance, and movement, that is the Groove method. Getting out of our heads and dropping into our body.

Sarah from Embodied Love will guide you through a range of styles and genres of music, inviting you to explore and connect to your amazing self. Before slowing down and connecting to your breath and eventually finding stillness.

Bec from Luna Muse will then take you through a beautiful Breathwork Journey.
The style of Breathwork we use is a variation of conscious connected breathing (open mouth) in which we intentionally connect the inhale with the exhale without any pauses.

Conscious Connected Breathing allows deep awareness of self and our connection with self, others and nature. This allows us to grow by providing the groundwork for profound personal development.

Finishing with time to journal and integrate all that was experienced.

No experience is required. ALL of you is a welcome.

Let's go inward to love, embrace, and express our incredible selves.

Much Love,
Sarah & Bec

Ages 14+



Date: Friday April 19th 2024 
Village birth Surf coast, Up the stairs 1/10 Cylinders Dr, Torquay VIC 

Time : 7pm - 9pm

Cost: $45
Look out for the follow up email with what to bring, once ticket has been purchased ❤

Do you have additional questions?

Home: Offerings

Groove & Rest Events

Torquay events.png

Have fun, express & rest deeply - 1.5 hours of goodness

in Torquay

An empowering & safe space to acknowledge & enjoy our amazing selves.

Join us & be a part of this nourishing experience that is the Groove method, finished with restful, restorative practices.

Getting out of our head & into our body.

NO EXPERIENCE required. Groove is a simple, fun, creative, dance & movement experience. Enjoy a range of styles & genres of music.  YOU CAN'T GET THIS WORNG


Ages 14+



Location: Torquay 
TORQUAY: Friday nights MONTHLY 7pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $30 Adult - $20 Child (14 years- 17 years)
Look out for the follow up email with what to bring, once ticket has been purchased ❤


Click to purchase a ticket


Groove & Rest events: 




Home: Classes

Rest & Replenish private bookings

A beautiful experience of self-care

Rest & Replenish private bookings, combine nourishing modalities, that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.


Supporting the whole body, and encouraging a state of calm and rest.


Combining gentle movement, Doterra aromatouch technique, restorative yoga & meditation.


An experience that is truly nourishing for the WHOLE body. An opportunity to connect to YOU in a supportive space.

Doterra Aromatouch technique and Restorative Yoga can also be booked on their own.


Allow your body to take rest and replenish.

Each package includes:

Doterra Aromatouch technique
Restorative yoga
Gentle movement

Package prices:
❤1 hour and 15 minutes - $100
❤1 hour and 30 minutes - $120
❤2 hours- $170


Single session prices:


1 hour - $80

Restorative Yoga:

1 hour - $80

1.5 hours - $100

2hours - $150 

A nourishing journey through the body.


Bookings available in:
Eynesbury Vic, 3338

Contact Sarah to make a booking:

0413 121 873

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To make a booking click below or contact Sarah directly 0413 121 873

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Melbourne VIC, Australia


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