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Embody you - weekly Groove gathering for women Torquay (Bellbrae)

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Join us Wednesday night's in Torquay (Bellbrae), as we dance for joy and connect to our amazing self through the Groove method.

EMBODY YOU ~ in TORQUAY (Bellbrae) WEDNESDAY'S 7:30pm - 8:45pm Fortnightly then weekly during school terms 😍

Join us for this 8 week experience.

Women, let's gather and connect with our incredible self through fun and nourishing dance, pen to paper, and stillness.

This experience is a simple yet powerful gathering that will have us embodying who we are through, joy, presence & expression.

I will be facilitating an opportunity to get thoughts out of our head and onto paper before we move our body to the simple, fun and freeing, dance experience that is the Groove method, finishing in stillness and connection.

Groove takes us on a journey, as we move, dance and express ourselves to a range of styles and genres of music. This dancefloor invites us to add our own style and flavour to simple moves and rhythms.

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YOU CANNOT get this wrong, we were born to move and dance, Groove reminds us of this.

Let's have some fun, and nourish our amazing selves ❤️

Please get in touch with me to book a spot for the term or to attend casually❤️


Massive Love Sarah ❤️


Embrace, Express, Embody YOU

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