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Online LIVE Groove class Wednesday nights 6:45pm - 7:30pm MELB time

45 minutes of feel good movement, and rest, online via zoom. To get you in your body, present and calm.


The Groove method is a simple, fun and freeing, dance and movement experience. Enjoy a range of styles and genres of music, as we move creatively and expressively. Fast, slow, heart pumping, meditative and playful songs.  


Rest when you want to, challenge when you want, literally use this class to connect to YOU, feel good, have some fun and rest. 


A beautiful, nourishing journey through the body. Keeping our mind, body and soul active and full of life.


Music alone is powerful, then add some nourishing movement and its a real powerhouse for our wellbeing. 



Grab your tickets below.

Future online Groove classes coming soon

Future online Groove classes coming soon

Ticket bookings for Wednesday night Groove online

Let's have some FUN 

No one can get in your body and move it in weird and wonderful ways, explore it and nourish it. Only you can.

Groove invites you to ENJOY and love your amazing self through music and movement. POWERFUL. 

Why people attend....

I attend these online classes with Sarah because it is time for ME. It is energizing, calm, restorative and fun. Sarah is amazing at making the sesssion's free and fun. I come away feeling rested and ready for another week. Highly recommended.

~ Maryrose ~

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